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us army alaska blue book

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In some legal writing, an ellipsis is written as three asterisks (*** or ***) to make it obvious that text has been omittedHe provides the following examples:Markup Usage Example Output dotsc dots with commas 1, 2, dotsc , 9 1 , 2 , … , 9 {displaystyle 1,2,dotsc ,9} dotsb dots with binary operators/relations 1 + 2 + dotsb + 9 1 + 2 + ⋯ + 9 {displaystyle 1+2+dotsb +9} dotsm dots with multiplication A1 A2 dotsm A9 A 1 A 2 ⋯ A 9 {displaystyle A{1}A{2}dotsm A{9}} dotsi dots with integrals int{A1}int{A2}dotsiint{A9} ∫ A 1 ∫ A 2 ⋯ ∫ A 9 {displaystyle int {A{1}}int {A{2}}dotsi int {A{9}}} dotso other dots 123 dotso 9 123 … 9 {displaystyle 123dotso 9} The MLA now indicates that a three-dot, spaced ellipsis () should be used for removing material from within one sentence within a quote Ellipsis ..The sign of ellipsis can function as a floor holding device, and signal that more is to come, for instance when people break up longer turns in chat.[20] Dot-dot-dot can be used systematically to enact linguistic politeness, for instance indicating topic change or hesitation.[21] Suspension dots can be turn construction units to signal silence, for example when indicating disagreement, disapproval or confusion.[22] ^ 'Classroom' synonym.com ^ HERB CAEN WAY An ellipsis is also often used in mathematics to mean "and so forth"p.

Ramsey, Jane EI n = [ 1 0 ⋯ 0 0 1 ⋯ 0 ⋮ ⋮ ⋱ ⋮ 0 0 ⋯ 1 ] {displaystyle I{n}={begin{bmatrix}1&0&cdots &00&1&cdots &0vdots &vdots &ddots &vdots 0&0&cdots &1end{bmatrix}}} When applied in Polish language syntax, the ellipsis is called wielokropek, which means "multidot"In writing[edit]If an ellipsis is meant to represent an omission, square brackets must surround the ellipsis to make it clear that there was no pause in the original quote: [ ..Promoted Sponsored Content Raytheon powers leading-edge technologies that help the U.Smilitary and our allies make the world a safer place 9Click here to view gallery Raytheon Breaking Defense In your inbox Want the latest defense industry news? Sign up for the Breaking Defense newsletter"Relational work in synchronous text-based CMC of virtual teams"Do you? kAdiak? Where does this spelling come from

- The US Navy established a radio facility on Woody Island in 1911Topographic map with key2005An ellipsis may also imply an unstated alternative indicated by context 8ca7aef5cf
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